Courtland Partners Europe Limited

Gila R. Cohen, Senior Consultant, Head of Corporate Strategy and Client Relations


Gila R. Cohen, Senior Consultant, Head of Corporate Strategy and Client Relations, has over 20 years of professional financial and real estate experience. Ms. Cohen recently joined Courtland Partners, Ltd. in 2015. Ms. Cohen has extensive experience with client relationships. Prior to joining Courtland Partners, Ms. Cohen was Global Chief Operating Officer of Private Equity and Managing Director for Capital Dynamics. While at Capital Dynamics Ms. Cohen was responsible for strategic planning, investment focus, structuring and new product development, cross selling initiative, account/client coverage, talent retention and management. She was also the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Head of Business Development for Golub Capital. As CAO she was responsible for human resources, compliance, administration, facilities, budgeting/planning and fund-raising operations. As head of Business Development, she oversaw the Capital Raising, Investor Relations and Marketing departments. Previously, she held senior roles at J.P. Morgan, UBS Investment Bank and Credit Suisse First Boston. 


Ms. Cohen holds a B. A. in Art History with a concentration in Mathematics from Columbia University. 


Gila R. Cohen