Courtland's timber experience derives from its longstanding clients who have had significant timber holdings (i.e., exceeding $1 billion) for many years. Investment objectives include providing some hedge against inflation and accessing total returns related to growth markets and their demand for timber products.

Courtland's experience includes investing through separate accounts for larger allocations as well as through pooled funds. Courtland has evaluated and tracks the performance of both domestic and international investment strategies.  

Courtland has a robust database of real asset managers and current offerings. The Courtland database provides information on a number of timber managers totaling several billion related of fund offerings.

Courtland has conducted significant research regarding the advantages and disadvantages of timber investing. Courtland professionals have presented this research at client meetings and industry seminars. Please see the most recent timber information presented by Courtland at the ILPA 2012 Conference.

For more information, please contact a member of our Timber Team.